EPB-EPC Energy Audits

The new Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) regulations for the Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) require that everyone who either buys or newly rents a building, be informed of the calculated energy usage of the building.

The EPC tells you, in a diagrammatic form, the energy band into which your building falls on a scale of A to G (A = very good, costs less than average to heat; G = very poor, costs more to heat).

The EPC is accompanied by a list of cost-effective measures that can be undertaken to improve the energy efficiency of the building, and the estimated cost savings for heating, lighting and hot water that can be made by following each of the measures recommended.

There is no requirement for anyone to carry out these measures. However, if they are implemented, the building will be more energy efficient, and heating, lighting and hot water bills will be reduced.

Probam takes its environmental responsibilities extremely seriously. We would therefore be delighted to become involved in your energy audit. This could include giving you advice and practical assistance in passing your energy audit and obtaining your EPC certificate.