Sustainable Construction

As a leading construction consultancy company, we are closely involved in all aspects of everything related to a building project – and that definitely includes sustainability. We firmly believe that the consequences of sustainable construction with regard to budget, planning, execution, maintenance and the possible sale of buildings should not be underestimated. On the contrary, timely communication and wise advice in this fast evolving area can provide added value for the project and all partners.

For us, sustainable construction is a mental process with much more than the implication of just some popular visual measures, such as wind energy and photovoltaic panels.

The complete analysis of both the building and the surrounding environment will ensure a healthy balance between flexibility, energy efficiency and user friendliness on the one hand, and maintenance, budget and timing on the other. It is our aim to find and keep this balance.

We believe that sustainability in the broadest sense of the word is a must for all that we will do in the future. Furthermore, we are convinced that it is our task to eliminate any prejudices about sustainability and create a larger knowledge base so that anyone not thinking about integrated sustainability will become the exception rather than the rule.

Consequently, our sustainability consultants get involved from the start of the design phase. Drawing on their experience with time and budget management and their know-how in this field, the final result will be highly sustainable and excellently integrated.

We are fully involved in various initiatives created by the Federal and Flemish Government, such as “Core Founding Group for Local Green Building“, the “Council for Sustainable Buildings“, and the group “Energy Recovery Program 2020“.