Safety Coordination

Long before safety on temporary and mobile construction sites was regulated in Belgium in the form of a Royal Decree, Probam regarded all aspects of safety and hygiene on construction sites of paramount importance. Our goals are to create a good working environment and prevent accidents, which is of course favorable for everyone concerned in the project (win-win).

Probam is involved in safety coordination by:

  • Ensuring clear lines and areas of responsibility
  • Setting safety goals
  • Defining safety precautions of mutual influence between the different parties present on the construction site
  • Defining critical safety phases
  • Anticipating unsafe situations
  • Designing, implementing and safeguarding optimal working conditions
  • Ensuring that information on safety is communicated to all parties – developers, advisers, architects, builders etc.
  • Ensuring good communication between the different constructors on the construction site.

Furthermore, our Safety Coordinator becomes involved in all construction phases from start to finish. Kick-off meetings concerning aspects such as the safety risks of employees and the method of working on the construction site will be held. This ensures that the safety of the working environment becomes an integral part of the entire construction process and is thoroughly discussed.

Finally, remember that focusing on safety will reap a solid investment – also on the bottom line. The cheapest solution is often the most expensive in the long run.