Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying aims to provide value for money through the efficient cost management of the construction process. The objective of Quantity Surveying is to control costs, limit risk and add value to a project.

Mostly in the earliest stages of a project’s start-up we can make an estimate of construction costs using the first designs and proposals; this estimate can then be used to carry out a feasibility study of the project. Based on our considerable experience we have developed software and spreadsheets to draw up a first-class budget in an efficient and accurate way, and taking into consideration the stage the project is in. Starting from raw high-level estimations and encompassing detailed and market conformance calculations, we make use of an extensive database with cost prices of the most diverse construction materials and elements. We developed the database out of our experience and update it continuously.

We will critically assess the budget that has (possibly) been drawn up (risk analysis), pinpoint the realistic and less realistic items, and present suggestions for optimization. It goes without saying that we always remain at your service and will take into account your priorities, rights and obligations.

As soon as the design is clearly modeled, more detailed assessments can be made to determine the execution budget. We can help you determine your cash flow planning and hence the output of your project on the basis of the budgets we deliver. Thanks to our experience we are able to make a cost price, much the same way as a contractor does. Due to this working method, you can be confident that our prices are realistic, and in conformity with the market.

During the allocation phase we constantly check pricing for market and specification conformity, completeness, conformity with the requirements and regulations, and quantity control.

Obviously, during the progress of the works, the budget has to be kept in balance. Creativity, technical skills and close contact with all building partners help us succeed. We make use of accurate and detailed procedures to follow-up the budget. These and other procedures form part of our internal quality system.

During project execution, unexpected circumstances often occur which necessitate small or larger interventions, often with price consequences. Your Probam Quantity Surveyor will assess these events in time and react proactively by proposing alternatives to keep the budget in balance, taking care of the timing so that the owner has the opportunity to make a well-considered decision.

If requested, your Quantity Surveyor will check the progress of the principal contractor and provide help and advice regarding the final settlement with the various building partners. In short, your Probam Quantity Surveyor will take care of the complete financial follow-up of the project.