Quality Management

By quality we mean a building which satisfies the client in design and materials, and which fits the purpose for which it is intended.

Quality doesn’t happen automatically; it requires careful planning and surveying. Our Quality Management approach is based on an ISO-certified Quality Assurance System that is implemented throughout the company and includes

  • Setting the quality standard right from the first discussions
  • Planning how this quality is to be achieved in terms of design, materials, methods, equipments and personnel
  • Constructing the building right first time
  • Correcting any quality deficiencies
  • Monitoring the quality at every stage
  • Establishing a mechanism for quality control feedback.

Probam was the first construction consultancy company in Belgium to be ISO 9001:2000 certified. It means that all our activities have a method that is defined in procedures and related documents. This approach also ensures continuity throughout every project.