Construction Management

Construction is a complicated business … and with ever-increasing regulations it’s set to become even more complicated. But Construction Management isn’t your headache – it’s ours.

We are specialized in controlling all aspects of construction. During the execution of the work we coordinate with the various parties; whether they are architects, design offices, builders, utility companies or other contractors, in such a way that the project runs on time, and within the quality and budget restrictions specified in the initial conditions.

By understanding your own operational and business requirements, and integrating them into the overall construction program, we consistently complete complex projects on time and within budget. And we have the references as proof. These include various sectors such as retail, residential, offices, industrial new-build and refurbishment projects. We are currently involved in projects totaling millions of Euros.

Benefits of our all-encompassing approach to construction management include:

  • On-time completion of the project
  • The ability to incorporate change into the design
  • Carefully managed costs during each phase
  • Minimized disruption during the construction process
  • Opportunity to package the work to suit contractors’ capabilities
  • Ability to identify and act upon poor contractor performance.

The end result is that your construction project runs smoothly and optimally. Furthermore, we will only keep you informed of the things you need to know, and not any side issues. In this way you can focus on your core business and leave your construction project to us.